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Copilot - BFS At Home choice for October 2021

Directed by Anne Zohra Berrached | Drama | German/English/Arabic/Turkish with subtitles | 118 mins | Germany/France | 2021

When sharp science student Asli meets charismatic Saeed in the mid ‘90s, it’s love at first sight. The lovers marry, and Asli swears to be true to Saeed and never betray his secrets. Their future looks bright, but as the 21st century dawns, Saeed makes a decision that will not only shatter Asli’s dreams, but shake the whole world to the core.

In Copilot, writer/director Anne Zohra Berrached offers a speculation informed by the lives of those women who crossed paths with the 9/11 hijackers before they passed into infamy.

Berrached skilfully succeeds in putting us in the shoes of those who were left behind in the first days of September 2001, and setting us to wondering and worrying alongside Asli. Just how much could these terrorists' loved ones know? And how far would we be prepared to travel with the Saeeds of this world, were we to find ourselves in a comparable situation?

Powerful, important, personal...with a profound, perfectly delivered ending - Total Film

An exploration of a woman’s emotional endurance that feels lyrical - Little White Lies

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